Your consulting firm has been hired to implement a computer network for health care delivery to allow for coordination of care. The medical group is comprised of over 280 physicians that serve over 40 locations. The medical group will need the capability for information to be shared across different health care settings.

Write an informational proposal assessing how the development of an integrated health care system affects the installation of computer networks.

You should address the following in the proposal:

What key considerations are involved in setting up a computer network for an integrated health care system?
How do integrated systems affect the installation of networks?
What are the benefits of networking within an integrated system?
What are the challenges of networking within an integrated system?

3-4 pages

This is a challenging Individual Project this week. Here is a website that might be helpful for you to provide an outline to put the information into a proposal format –
Remember that you can research the networking and integrated health care systems separately.
Let me know if you have any questions.