It’s an international business project.

You have to introduce an Emirati (UAE) national product to 5 different markets (Countries) as candidates. This Product as we chose will be Camel Milk. We have to name those 5 candidate countries and mention why we chose them as markets to introduce our product in, along with statistical figures of gap, milk consumptions, etc.. in those 5 countries. You can choose whatever 5 countries you want (preferably European), with referencing whatever facts you state in the report. i’ll attach a sample of those statistcal tables along with detailed requiremtns of how the report should be. After mentioning those 5 candidate markets and give an introduction along with statistical figures, at the end we should narrow it down to 1 main market where we should introduce our product in for sale purposes. The exact requirements will be attached. ill also upload some slides that might be useful. In the entry strategy you should choose 1 entry startegy and discuss very well in respect to international business