1) Expand on the following points:

Why do organizational structures differ? What is the difference between a mechanistic structure and an organic structure? Which structure would be most appropriate for an innovative organization like Apple or 3M? What about an organization that focuses on cost-minimization like Wal-Mart?

2) Please expand and analyze, in 200 to 300 Words, according to the following points:

Organizational culture is in many ways beneficial for an organization and its employees but can also be a liability. What do you think are the most significant ways that organizational culture is beneficial? A liability?

Be sure to provide specific examples, based on your experiences or observations within specific organizations you have worked at or ones you are familiar with.

3) In 200 to 300 words, explain, expand on, and analyze the following:

An effective manager accepts the political nature of organizations. Power tactics are used to translate power bases into specific action, and there are a number of tactics that could be used in various situations. As a manager trying to influence your employees, what tactics would you personally be most likely to use? Why?

What is the difference between the position a person holds in a company and their political power? Is the top executive in an organization always the person who holds the most political power? Explain your answer.