Week 3



How can understanding stages of group development and group
properties help employees in a work group function more effectively?

As a manager, how
would you help employees come to that understanding?


What is the difference between a group and a team?

Would your strategy
be different for putting together a group than creating a team?

Explain your answer


the optimal level of conflict can be functional, no conflict or too much
conflict can be dysfunctional.

What steps would you as a manager take to stimulate some degree of conflict
when appropriate and reduce conflict when it is excessive?

Week 4


culture is in many ways beneficial for an organization and its employees but
can also be a liability.

What do you think are the most significant ways that organizational culture is
beneficial? A liability?

Be sure to provide specific examples.


effective manager accepts the political nature of organizations. Power tactics
are used to translate power bases into specific action, and there are a number
of tactics that could be used in various situations.

As a manager trying to influence your employees, what tactics would you
personally be most likely to use? Why?


often see change as threatening.

What are some of the sources of resistance to change, and what can you as a
manager do to overcome that resistance?