Week 3 Hand-in Assignment 3
Read the case study of the UK supermarket sector in 1996 in Chapter 14 of your textbook:

Williamson, D., Cooke, P., Jenkins, W. & Moreton, K. M. (2004) Strategic management and business analysis (Chapter 7, pp. 174–204). Amsterdam: Butterworth-Heinemann.

Somerfield PLC and Kwik Save Group PLC announced the merger of the two companies in 1998. Asda was taken over by the American Wal-Mart chain in 1999 and Morrison completed the takeover of Safeway in March 2004. Two years later the market shares of the top six chains were Tesco 30.6%, Asda 16.3%, Sainsbury 16.0%, Morrison 11.3%, Somerfield 4.0%, and Waitrose 3.7% (source: TNS Worldpanel, March 2006). How well do the financial data in the case study foreshadow these outcomes?

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