Write a 3- to 4-page paper,
answering some of the following questions:

Why was CEO Steve Jobs considered to be a (the) best leader of
the decade by Fortune Magazine? Using what you have learned in this module on
the functions of leadership, define Jobs’s leadership style and analyze how he
fulfilled the functions of leadership during his tenure.


Note: Fortune articles are in

Burrows, P., Grover, R., &
Green, H. (2006). Steve Jobs’ Magic Kingdom. New York.Business
, February 6, 2006, Issue 3970, page 62, retrieved on November
10, 2010, at:

David, Leonard. (2010).
Commentary: The Last Pitchamn. Business Week on line, June 10, 2010, retrieved
November 10, 2010, at:

Koehn, Nancy F.. Fortune, 11/23/2009,
Vol. 160 Issue 10, p110-114, 4p, 1 Color Photograph, 1 Black and White
Photograph; (AN 45693823).
Retrieved from library data base.


Gomes, Lee (2010).COMPUTERS GET
A SECOND ACT. Forbes, 00156914, 5/10/2010, Vol. 185, Issue 8. Retrieved from
library data base.


Read the Background materials in depth.

Identify key concepts (leadership functions and leadership
styles), make a list of them, and study them.

Read the case in Business Week in-depth.

Do additional research on your own, such as
the company website or other recent articles about
Steve Job.

Identify facts in the case that match concepts of leadership
(functions and styles) and integrate them.

The main functions of leadership are establishing a vision,
communicating the vision, motivating, an being a change agent: Steve Jobs is
well-known for mastering all these functions of management.

Some of the current leadership theories are charismatic,
visionary, transformational versus transactional. Please read the presentation
on styles of leadership. Steve Jobs is a great visionary, a transformational
leader, and a charismatic leader.

Apply these concepts to facts in the case in order to develop
your arguments, in other words analyze how Jobs fulfills his functions using
the article facts and research facts; based on his accomplishments, what styles
do characterize his leadership.

Please make sure to have an Introduction, 2 Main Sections 1)
Functions; 2) Leadership Styles. Each section should have subsections. Finish
with the conclusions.

Assignment Expectations

In order to developgood
business communication skills
, it is recommended you write
papers using the following structure, using headlines and titles.

Introduction(road map, explain main issue and list and
main points)

: Develop each point in the Introduction, applying theory to
facts, in subsections (one subsection per main point).

In this case, I
recommend 2 major subsections: Functions and Style. Each subsection should have
several further subsections. For example, for functions: vision, communication,
motivation, being a change agent. For style visionary, transformational, etc.

Summarize main paper points

List of

Your Sources


SLP Assignment Expectations


In this
section of the Session Long Project, write a 2- to 3-page paper about one of
your current or former leaders.

do not write about yourself, even if you are a CEO or leader.

analyze, using background materials, leadership styles and her/his way of fulfilling
functions of management. Key concepts to be addressed are:

Did he/she empower their employees?

Was he/she authoritarian?

Was the leader transformational or transactional, or both?

How does the leader fulfill her/his functions?

What is the vision the leader created for the company or
organization you selected?

How did he/she motivate the workforce?

How did he/she communicate the vision?

Was the leader a change agent?

use the Paper Format, for all SLPS.