The ongoing question that the weekly assignments will focus on is: Are males and females paid the same for equal work (under the Equal Pay Act)?
Note: to simplfy the analysis, we will assume that jobs within each grade comprise equal work.
The column labels in the table mean:
ID – Employee sample number Sal – Salary in thousands
Age – Age in years EES – Appraisal rating (Employee evaluation score)
SER – Years of service G – Gender (0 = male, 1 = female)
Mid – salary grade midpoint Raise – percent of last raise
Grade – job/pay grade Deg (0= BSBA 1 = MS)
Gen1 (Male or Female) Compa – salary divided by midpoint, a measure of salary that removes the impact of grade
This data should be treated as a sample of employees taken from a company that has about 1,000
employees using a random sampling approach.
Mac Users: The homework in this course assumes students have Windows Excel, and
can load the Analysis ToolPak into their version of Excel.
The analysis tool pak has been removed from Excel for Windows, but a free third-party
tool that can be used (found on an answers Microsoft site) is:
Like the Microsoft site, I make cannot guarantee the program, but do know that
Statplus is a respected statistical package. You may use other approaches or tools
as desired to complete the assignments.