Question 1

Many experts believe employment levels will


return to pre-recession levels within the next year.

return to pre-recession levels for many years.

continue to increase in relation to people’s individual

increase to more than pre-recession levels within the next
two years.

Question 2

_____ is the process of seeking employees who are currently
within the company to fill open positions.



Probationary period


On-the-job training

uestion 3

Investment in _____ is the largest investment for many firms.

Question 4

Research conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau points out that college
graduates’ earning power

Question 5

Many _____ have no expectation that employers will be loyal to them, and
they do not feel that they owe their companies strong loyalty in return.

Question 6

The main way HR managers contribute to increasing the value of their firm is


Question 7

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires firms to

Question 8

_____ is the function focused on maximizing the effectiveness of the
workforce by recruiting world-class talent, promoting career development, and
determining workforce strategies to boost organizational effectiveness.

Question 9

_____ are training programs thatmandate each beginner serve as an
assistant to a fully trained worker before gaining full credentials to work in
the field.

Question 10

Employment expert James Challenger estimates that only about _____ of
candidates are thoroughly vetted by the companies considering hiring them.