Should all employers be required by federal law to provide health insurance for their employees? Why or why not?
(Support your answer using real-world examples/application or articles that deal directly with this topic.)

You are the senior HR manager of your firm, which has 150 employees. Your sales/revenues have declined steadily for the past 10 months. You and the executive team have exhausted all efforts to contain costs but are still exceeding the budget required to stay in business through the end of 2011.

All other options have been exhausted, and in order to continue to cover costs you must do one of the following:
Reduce staff/headcount by 10% effective July 1
Reduce employee benefit contribution by 30% effective immediately
Eliminate all vacation/holiday pay for the remainder of the year effective immediately
Reduce all salaries/compensation by 5% effective July 1
Which do you choose and why?