Module 1 Discussion

1. Conduct research into a real scenario where poor
facility operations and management led to significant problems. Provide answers
to the following: How would you have dealt with the scenario?
In your opinion, could the situation have been prevented? How? What would you
have done differently in advance to prevent the problems?

2. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of bringing in a private management
company such as SMG or Global Spectrum to manage a public sport facility. If
you were the lead government official in your municipality, would you hire
private management or keep the facility under in-house control? Why?

  • Be sure to
    properly cite any sources and use APA format.

Module 2 Discussion

Research and present a new technology or methodology specifically being used in
a sport facility to make that facility more
environmentally friendly and sustainable.

2. Explain how you would prioritize the space allocation of a Division II
college athletic facility that houses a physical education department, a
college athletic program, a campus recreation program, and a summer camps

  • Be sure to
    properly cite any sources and use APA format.

Module 3 Discussion

1. Explain why volunteers are an integral part of
human resource management in sport facilities. Why do people volunteer? What is
the need for volunteers? What is the economic significance of volunteers? Give
an example of a sporting event that you attended when employees were used and
explain why and how they assisted the facility.

Explain why employees are often looked at as assets to a sport facility much
like they think of equipment and infrastructure. Considering that employees are
human beings and not inanimate objects, do you believe that human resources
should simply be looked at as another asset for a sport facility? Why or why

  • Be sure to properly cite any sources and use APA

Module 4 Discussion

1. Regardless of the sport business, the number one
goal is to make a profit. How can this be true for a non-profit sport facility?

Think about what you would do if you were the manager of a municipal recreation
facility and you were responsible for attending the monthly budget meetings
held by the mayor of your town. What would you do if you discovered the
town was over-budget? Imagine if the mayor was asking that all
departments, including your facility, cut twenty percent from their remaining
budget. How would you go about trimming the budget when you may already have
staff hired, allocated for programs, have customers registered for these
programs, and signed event contracts for officials and/or staff ?

  • Be sure to properly cite any sources and use APA format.

Module 5 Discussion

1. When it comes to facility
services including security, concessions, parking, and custodial/housekeeping,
there is a choice to keep these services in-house or to outsource those
services to an outside party. What are the pros and cons of
keeping each of these services in-house versus outsourcing for these services
for a 20,000 seat multipurpose arena?

2. Discuss in detail the answer to the
following: “How much legal expertise is enough for a sport facility manager or

  • Be sure to properly cite any sources and use APA format.

6 Discussion

One of the biggest issues in setting objectives for events to
be held in a sport facility are those that may be beneficial financially and
within the mission of the sport facility, but may be questionable to the
community. These may include events that may be politically, culturally,
or socially motivated. As a sport facility manager, choose a potentially
controversial event that might be held at your sport facility.
Considering theSaint Leo Core Value of Community:

1. Come up with 3-5 questions community members will have about the event.
2. Explain how you would answer each question while justifying hosting the

Keep in mind that your responses should reinforce the importance of keeping the
event while fostering the importance of unity, interdependence, and that the
event can serve the best interest of the community.

Be sure to properly cite any sources and use
APA format.

Module 7 Discussion

1. Describe how you would you would implement a
perimeter control, access control, and credentialing processes at the finish
line area for the New York City Marathon.

2. Explain what would be involved in implementing a
facility physical protection system for a FIFA World Cup stadium in Brazil.

3. Describe a crowd management strategies you would
implement to combat unruly fan behavior in an NFL Stadium?

  • Be
    sure to properly cite any sources and use APA format.

Module 8 Discussion 1

1. Why do you think it is important to measure
performance for a commercial sports arena that is consistently showing a
multi-million dollar profit, since for most commercial businesses the number
one goal is to make a profit? Explain your answer in detail with
supporting research.

2.As a
sport facility manager, why would you want to compare the performance of your
facility with benchmarks for other facilities?

  • Be sure to properly cite any sources and use APA format.