What information should your resume cover?

Question 2. Question

There are laws regulating the questions employers may ask in
an interview situation. List three (3) topics that are off limits to potential

Question 3. Question

What type of information should be included in the skills
section of the resume?

Question 4. Question

You are scheduled for an interview. What are some things you
should do to prepare for your interview and the day of your interview?

Question 5. Question

Discuss who you should ask to serve as a reference, how many
references you need, and what information you should provide about your

Question 6. Question

What sort of information should be contained in the
objective section of the resume?

Question 7. Question

Describe some characteristics of a good resume.

Question 8. Question

List the three (3) phases of an effective interview.

Question 9. Question

Identify and define some of the traits and skills a
successful job candidate will exhibit.

Question 10. Question

Where should you look for job openings in the sport