Directions for the Term Paper for MBA 5251.

 Select a topic for the term paper that is relevant to the course content
.2. Submit the topic to the instructor for approval during at the beginning of Module 5.3. 
The paper should conform to the following criteria:? Minimum of 2500 words.? Margins should be 1” in all directions.? The font should be 12pts (with the exception of headings) and either Arial orTimes New Roman.? The paper must follow the academic research format and include a brief abstractthat explains what the paper is about, the body, which includes the main points,and a summary conclusion that reemphasizes the main points.? Each of the three parts of the paper are to be in separate sections withappropriate headings.? The format should follow the APA style sheet.4. Grading rubricCriteria ExceedsExpectations(20 pts Maximum)MeetsExpectations(15 pts Maximum)Fails Expectations(10 pts Maximum)1. Content – Very original,highly crediblearguments,logical.- Original, crediblearguments.- Not original,lacks credibility.2. Formatting – Follows academicresearch model,margins are 1”on all sides,follows APA stylesheet.- Follows academicresearch model,follows APA stylesheet.- Does not followacademicresearch model.3. Font – Arial or TimesNew Roman font,appropriatesizes, consistentapplication.- Arial or TimesNew Roman font,appropriatesizes.- Uses font otherthan Arial orTimes NewRoman ,inappropriatesizes.4. Research- Research sourcesare credible,there is sufficientresearch cited tosupportarguments.- Research sourcesare credible.- Research sourcesare not credible.5. GrammarandSpelling- Grammar isappropriate,spelling isaccurate.-