Module 1 Discussion

Should you stick to your career under all circumstances or should you significantly change your plan to accommodate varying situations? Explain your answer.

Module 2 Discussion

Should you speak your mind on an important point if you know it will upset your manager or should you hold back your thoughts in the name of making a good impression? Explain your answer.

Module 3 Discussion

Should managers be expected to listen to and act on employee issues and complaints? Explain your answer.

Module 4 Discussion

What are the academic writing challenges you face? What are some strategies you can employ to assist with these challenges? Explain your answer.

Module 5 Discussion

Are teams at work productive or a waste of time? Explain your answer.

Module 6 Discussion

What are some issues managers face when leading a diverse workforce? How can he/she overcome these issues? Explain your answer.

Module 7 Discussion

If you do not like a change that is being contemplated by senior management in your organization, what should/can you do? Explain your answer.

Module 8 Discussion

Explain and evaluate the purpose for each of the five components contained in Pearson’s and Mitroff’s Crisis Management Strategic Checklist. In your discussion question answer make sure to integrate examples of specific outcomes that each of the components is designed to elicit from the company stakeholders.

module 1 reaction paper

Write a two-page reaction paper on your chosen career field and why this particular area of work appeals to you. Include at least two outside references following APA format.

When citing sources, follow the style sheets appropriate for your area of study. Style sheets provide guidelines for citing sources in research and other types of academic papers. The Modern Language Association (MLA) style sheet is the standard that is usually used for English and arts related papers. For business, sciences, and the professions, the American Psychological (APA) style sheet is the standard.

For the Saint Leo University MBA program, you will be asked to write academic papers using the APA style sheet. See the courseResources area for more information regarding APA formatting examine the evaluation rubric for MBA 525

module 2 reaction paper
Write a two-page reaction paper to the question, “What do you do if your personal values are in conflict with organizational/interpersonal business protocols?” In addition to your textbook, include at least two outside references following APA format.
 module 3 improving Communication PowerPoint
View the Module 3 AVP, “Basic Principles of Effective PowerPoint Presentations.” Using the presentation as a guide, create an original PowerPoint presentation on the topic, “Improving Communication in My Organization.” Your presentation must contain at least eight slides.
for further directions on how to complete your PowerPoint presentation.


.One problem in interpersonal communication is that people sometimes lie to others to avoid confrontation and/or punishment of one sort or another. One school of thought says that social lying in not only inevitable, it can produce positive effects. Another school says that lies are wrong and will eventually have negative consequences, especially in the workplace. Then there is a third school that claims to distinguish between so-called “white lies” and “mortal lies”. Based on your experience in the workplace, create a cogent statement about your beliefs about lying in interpersonal relationships.

Question 2.

In what ways are business and academic writing different? If you were preparing a research report for a business unit in an organization, which style would be most effective? Why?

Question 3.

One point made in Module 3 is that organizational cultures do not change very much because they are self-reinforcing. If you became the CEO of an organization, how would you go about creating a new and improved culture through the use of organizational communication. In short, what communication processes or tactics would you use to improve the culture and what measurement tools would you use to ensure that you succeeded?

Question 4.

Proponents of career aids such as future invention and personality inventories claim that they help a person refine a person’s approach to a finding an appropriate career. Opponents of these instruments say they are pseudo-science and in the end, a waste of time. Take either side in the debate and write a convincing argument to support your position.

module 5 reaction paper

Do you believe that the greatest leaders are born, not made? Explain your answer. In addition to your textbook, include at least two outside references following APA format.

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module 6 reaction paper
Write a two-page reaction paper to the question: “Is accommodating workforce diversity a luxury or a necessity?” In addition to your textbook, include at least two outside references following APA format.

  week 7 term paper

Directions for the Term Paper for MBA 5251.
Select a topic for the term paper that is relevant to the course content.2. Submit the topic to the instructor for approval during at the beginning of Module 5.3.The paper should conform to the following criteria:? Minimum of 2500 words.? Margins should be 1” in all directions.? The font should be 12pts (with the exception of headings) and either Arial orTimes New Roman.? The paper must follow the academic research format and include a brief abstractthat explains what the paper is about, the body, which includes the main points,and a summary conclusion that reemphasizes the main points.? Each of the three parts of the paper are to be in separate sections withappropriate headings.? The format should follow the APA style sheet.4. Grading rubricCriteria ExceedsExpectations(20 pts Maximum)MeetsExpectations(15 pts Maximum)Fails Expectations(10 pts Maximum)1. Content – Very original,highly crediblearguments,logical.- Original, crediblearguments.- Not original,lacks credibility.2. Formatting – Follows academicresearch model,margins are 1”on all sides,follows APA stylesheet.- Follows academicresearch model,follows APA stylesheet.- Does not followacademicresearch model.3. Font – Arial or TimesNew Roman font,appropriatesizes, consistentapplication.- Arial or TimesNew Roman font,appropriatesizes.- Uses font otherthan Arial orTimes NewRoman ,inappropriatesizes.4. Research- Research sourcesare credible,there is sufficientresearch cited tosupportarguments.- Research sourcesare credible.- Research sourcesare not credible.5. GrammarandSpelling- Grammar isappropriate,spelling isaccurate.-

final exam

1.Every profession is changing with unnerving speed. Part of it is due to electronic and other technology and part of it is due to the constantly shifting demands of consumers. It is probable that your current profession or the one that you aspire to will change dramatically in the future. In a well-constructed essay, explain what your chosen profession will likely look like in 10 years and what you intend to do, other than completing your MBA, to prepare for the changes.

Question 2. Question :

Diversity in the workplace can be a contentious issue. Some people say that minorities should be accommodated by offering them special considerations. Others claim that the workplace should be a “melting pot” and that minorities should assimilate and follow the dominant workplace culture. In a well-considered argument, explain how you feel about the matter and why.

Question 3. Question :

As change occurs in organizations, people sometimes look to the past for guidance on how to react to it. Other people discard the past as unimportant as new values and behaviors are required under changing circumstances. Take a firm stance on either side of this issue and make your point. A middle-ground position is unacceptable.

Question 4. Question :

It has been said in this course that the most effective approach to leadership is situational, that the characteristics or traits approach is no longer considered valid. Make a case for either side of the argument using your own professional experiences to make your point.