General Outline of the Project

So far in the semester we’ve focused on rather abstract
aspects of databases such as data modeling, functional dependencies, and
normalization. This project allows us to
shift gears and explore more managerial aspects of databases. One of the best ways to learn something is to
try to put this new knowledge into practice.
Building database tables, queries, forms, and reports is relatively
easy. However, developing and
maintaining standards, ensuring that the database is properly documented and
keeping to a firm deadline is pretty difficult (as you will discover).

Your Team

The team size is ideally three or four members. Teams of two are discouraged due to the
amount of work to be done and the short time period allowed. I suggest that you divide the extensive work
required equitably among the team members while at the same time relying on the
special strengths of each team member to allow the project to be completed
within the strict time limits. Please
note that this project requires extensive use of computers and that the
computer lab becomes increasingly crowded as the semester progresses.


The deliverables have been broken up into a project proposal
and three main sections:

Project Proposal (Due February 18)

  1. Conceptual Design (Due March 11)

  2. Physical Design (Due
    April 8)

  3. Final Project (Due
    May 1)

    Each team should submit one copy of deliverable through the
    Assignment link on Blackboard.
    Handwritten material will not be accepted. Remember, professionalism and appearance
    rarely cover mistakes; however, they do make mistakes seem more tolerable. In addition, a peer evaluation sheet will be
    completed by each person at the time each deliverable is due. This evaluation will cover your team members’
    contribution on the previous phase of the project and have a DIRECT bearing on
    your individual scores for the final project.
    I will use all three evaluations from your three milestones to determine
    your overall contribution to the project.


The grade distribution for the project will be

1 – Conceptual Design 25%

2 – Physical Design 25%

3 – Final Project & Presentation 50%

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