Blueprint for Personal and Professional Growth
MMBA-6570 Business Strategy Competitive Advantage

1) Part I: Your Self as a Business-Vision, Mission, and Strategy
2) Part II: Your Core Competencies and Areas of Strength and Weakness
3) Part III: You as a Leader and Value Innovator

Your reflection or introspection in your BPPG should be personal, purposeful, and intentional so that you can assess your current skills, abilities, and dispositions, then determine how you will continue to develop, hone, or strengthen specific skills or dispositions.

Objectives for the BPPG

The student reads, researches, and incorporates Learning Resources (sources beyond personal anecdotes) in response to reflection questions.
The student demonstrates the critical thinking skills of comparing/contrasting, analyzing, and inquiry during reflection.
The student explores and examines his or her own individual values and belief system during the reflective activity.
The student identifies patterns or connections between theory and practice.
The student focuses on thoughts based on past and current learning, and describes how the learning or course content has affected or may affect future paths.