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Management Quiz #4- Chapter 13 through 15

3/26/2014 for Spring 2014 session)

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Please answer any twelve of the below questions. Type your
answers, put your name on each page, and number the pages in the “page x
of xx” format. Use the question numbers below to identify which questions
you are answering. Use examples, page and paragraph references from the textbook, detail explanations and/or
personal experiences to support your answers.


Define the concept of channel richness. What is the richest channel? Why it is
so rich?

Define nonverbal communication. Briefly discuss its importance to communicating
in organizations and give examples.

3. Explain the difference between
formal and informal organizational communications. How is each important for
organizational management?

4. Describe the four skills managers
can develop for communicating in a crisis

Briefly discuss the five styles that can be used to handle conflict

6. Discuss the differences between
distributive and integrative negotiation.

7. Describe the steps for achieving a
win-win solution with integrative negotiation.

8. Identify and briefly describe the
four steps of the feedback control model.

In a TQM program, what is benchmarking? Give examples of benchmark stands in
various industries.

10. Describe the steps of feedback control
and give examples.

11. Discuss the TQM Techniques and provide
examples of each.

12. Write a review of the movie “Lincoln”
emphasizing President Lincoln’s management and leadership.

13. Give examples of management as
depicted in the movies.

14. Answer the questions for the case “Lincoln
Electric” on pages 627-628.

15. Give examples of Hierarchical and Decentralized

16. Select the option for “Closing the
Deal” Ethical Dilemma on page 651.