Final Exam


Complete ten of the below questions. The
Final Exam is due no later than Tuesday 5/13/2014. DO NOT E-MAIL IT TO ME. Use
this forum .Identify the questions that you are answering.


1. Describe
the management style of President Obama.

2. What
was Henri Fayol’s contribution to the evolution of management thought?

3. How
would you apply American management theories and techniques to a foreign

4. Describe
the ethical environment of a company of your choosing.

5. Describe
your use of the Gantt chart in your Business Plan project.

6. Why
is strategic management especially important today?

7. What
are some characteristics of organizational decline and what preventative
measures can be taken to restore the health of the company?

8. When
a manager says his or her organization is highly decentralized, what does this

9. Describe
a human resource experience you had at your current or past employment.

Describe the new communications challenges
with cell phones, iPods, instant messaging, etc. and what can a manager do to
control these?

How would you motivate your employees if
you managed a number of employees?

Describe some influence technique you or
your boss have used.

Describe the management functions/roles for
each section of the business plan.

Describe why today’s managers emphasize
feedforward control.