Research has shown that
transformational leadership can lead to a positive impact on performance
and behavior. Discuss how this occurs and provide an example of a
leader you have worked with who has done this successfully or who could
use transformational leadership to be more successful. For the example
you select, be sure to provide specific examples and connect to the

Although charismatic
leaders can use their abilities to accomplish great things, there are
also concerns about charismatic leadership from a moral standpoint.
Choose a position, either (1) charismatic leaders accomplish great
things, or (2) there are moral concerns with charismatic leaders. Select
a recent article from current events (past 90 days) supporting your
position. Write a well-written presentation on this topic by providing a
paragraph summarizing the primary components of the article and a
second paragraph presenting your analysis of the article (Do you
agree/disagree? Is it congruent with our text? Why/why not? Etc.). Be
certain to provide a complete reference (APA) for the selected article.