kaplan Gb580 unit 5 assignment

Course outcome addressed in this Assignment:

GB580-2: Formulate strategies that benefit organizational performance by
applying leadership skills.
GB580-4: Integrate ethical and social global considerations into strategic


Building on the work your team has completed for week 4:

1. Analyze the six paths to creating blue oceans (pages 49-80) as they pertain to
your company/product or service (2-4 pages).
2. Determine what can be done (or has been done) to appeal to customer tiers
outside your target market (from week 4’s work).
3. Create a plan incorporating findings from 1 and 2 above (1-2 pages).
4. Draw a new strategy canvas that shows the implementation of your new
strategy.You will use information from week 4 (items 2, 3, 4) as well as this week
(items 1, 2, 3).


This paper will be 4-7 pages and will include:

1. An analysis of the six paths to creating Blue Ocean Strategies
2. A plan to address customers outside your target market
Draw a new strategy canvas after your new strategy is (or has) been implemented


Please include a title page, abstract, table of contents, and a references page in
addition to the actual content pages required. Be sure your paper is well written, and
free of
grammatical errors. Please have your team leader for the week submit the team’s
Assignment to his/her Unit 5: Team Assignment Dropbox. Only one person per
team needs to submit. Additionally, have the team leader submit the team’s paper in

its entirety to the Unit 6 Discussion Board as an attachment complete with the team
name and its members. [GB580 | Strategic Management]


Unit 5 Assignment = 100 Points
Requirements Percentage
of total
Summary 50
Analysis. 30
Writing 20
Total 100