Week #6

Assignment #2: Policy & Procedure

This is a GROUP Assignment

In Week 4:

We covered Chapters 5, 6, and 7, HR Planning, Recruiting, and Staffing, respectively.

In Week 5:

We used Chapters 8, 9, and 10, to learn about Training, Development, and Performance

Our conference addressed the differences between training as a
deliverable versus a do-able.

For this Assignment:

Within these topics, groups research the assigned HR-related topic, below, and based on their
findings, create a proposed HR policy
and procedure
that is congruent with and supportive of an organization’s



360-degree feedback performance appraisal system


New-hire orientation and the onboarding process


Career development program


Tuition reimbursement program


Internal Mentoring Programs


The objectives:

To explore your HR topic from a
perspective that provides you with information about common (or best) HR practices in organizations

Assume the employer has no current
policy or practice in place on your topic, and plans to implement this program
or system, and write a Policy & Procedure for an organization, that

The purpose of the P&P,
which should express the organization’s values that apply to this topic

Which employees (job titles) or
departments will be responsible for what tasks under this policy

Identify any federal laws,
guidelines, statutes, or codes covering your topic, with which employers must
comply and why (very briefly)

Any other critical components, as
suggested in the literature

An example Policy & Procedure document
is posted in the Week 6 Assignment 3 area.
It is only an example. Groups may
determine that more or less is needed.


Format the document as you
would a regular, organizational P&P document. APA is not required, EXCEPT:

Add a cover page so I know who
contributed to the paper,

Add a running head

Include your references page at
the end.


At least three (3)
peer-reviewed journal articles

At least two (2) sources from a
federal government web site (a “.com” web site is not acceptable)

At least one (2) practitioner
publications (e.g., HRMagazine)


A policy and procedure is
typically 2-6 pages long.

Limit your work to 6 pages, plus your references page.

Include a cover page, in
APA formatting, with each group member’s name.
If a member did not contribute and participate, do not include
the student’s name on the cover page, regardless of the reason.

The following are the same as
Week #3’s Requirements:


It is strongly suggested that
students use the writing, research, and APA documents posted in Course Content
that explain what can (and cannot) be used for research.

Any textbook should not
be the main resource, and should not be cited more than one or two times.

Use the course text book to
find key words, issues, laws, etc., that you can use for searches.

Textbooks do not
“count” as an outside resource.


Only ONE group member will submit the document to Turnitin.

Submit to Turnitin in the Week
6 Assignment folder,

Return to insure your report is
20% or less,

If not, revise and resubmit
until it is,

In your final document, check
all matching text (in your Turnitin report) to insure you have formatted it as
a quoted in APA style format, and properly cited, with a matching reference.

Add your cover page and
references page

Remember that, even if you do
not quote, you still have to cite and reference to tell your readers where you
obtained your information.

Submit in Web Tycho.