This week we are learning about the mechanics of negotiating the
labor agreement. Many companies do not understand the rules before they sit
down to negotiate the contract. Therefore, companies can be guilty of
committing ULPs (Unfair Labor Practices). This week choose one of the ULPs
discussed in the chapters and then and do and search for a case that was
brought against a company for the ULP that you chose. Write at least a one page
summary (300 words of content) and address the following…

1. What was the ULP

2. What actions did the
union accuse the company of doing that violated the ULP

3. What did the NLRB find

You will be graded on
detail, content and grammar. You do not need to cite your source as long as you
are using your text and the NLRB website. However, if you use another reference
you must use APA citations and a reference page.