The main purpose of this assignment is to assess a value chain for its effectiveness. The intent is to assess the outcome of the value chain analysis completed in unit 4.

Assessing a value chain offers management the means to evaluate existing and new strategic opportunities. Completing an assessment of a value chain analysis provides insights into how opportunities might be pursued while identifying potential problems to be addressed. The point of the assessment is to identify optimal solutions, i.e., solutions acceptable to customers, suppliers, employees and investors.

Because value is derived from customer needs, activities that do not contribute to meet these needs are considered non-value added waste. One requirement when assessing a value chain is considering the tasks and functions that occur to eliminate any non-value added waste. By streamlining the processes that generate the goods and services that customers value, fewer resources need to be expended and the margins between customer value and the cost of delivery increase thereby improving a firm’s profit margin. One of the requirements in this assignment is to identify non-value added waste in the value chain and recommend how to eliminate it from the value chain

Another objective when assessing a value chain is to extend the competitive advantage of the value delivery system, not merely to meet levels of competitive necessity. By addressing specific value drivers, it becomes possible to target added value towards surpassing specific customer expectations.

See the project directions below for a possible outline of the Value Chain Assessment Presentation.

Submit your completed value chain assessment into the Unit 5Dropbox.

This is the 2-3 page assignment…

Enterprise Technologies

The purpose of this assignment: to gain an understanding of currently used enterprise technologies used to manage the value chain in organizations.

  1. Do internet research related to enterprise technologies.
  2. Identify an enterprise technology used in organizations today that is used to manage the value chain.
  3. Describe how your chosen enterprise technology supports value chain management and include an example.
  4. Discuss your opinion about the value of your enterprise technology example and if you think it appropriately addressed optimal management of the value chain.
  5. Use the APA formatted Microsoft Word document template as the starting point for writing a 2-3 page paper plus title and references page.
  6. Apply and cite at least three supportive resources from our textbook and from the internet; within your paper and on a references page.