1. How has God been preparing you to be a “hero” in the workplace? Please provide specific examples.

2. Please describe the commitment level of a group/committee that you lead or to which you belong, or to which you led or which you belonged. Offer strategies for encouraging commitment or that could have been offered to encourage commitment to shared goals. Describe steps you might take to implement and monitor these strategies or that you could have taken to implement and monitor these strategies. Please discuss how you expect this to proceed or how it did proceed and the lessons learned there from, i.e., what worked, what did not work, and what could have been done better.

3. In Chapter 1 of your Jay Barney Text Book, there is a List of 18 Firms that your Text Author considers to be “Visionary”. Please discuss “One-Or-More” of these Firms that you have had personal contact with as to whether you would agree that they standout as “Visionary” in their respective Industry. Also, can you identify other Firms that you would consider even more advanced in this “Visionary Outlook of the Commercial World”???

(Choose either Hewlett-Packard, Disney, or 3M)

Also, provide open ended questions for each question to open up a discussion