The readings this week help a manager/leader use a framework to help in making decisions that are ethically responsible.

Badaracco, Jr., J. L. (2009). “Virtu,” virtue, and
success. Translating your moral code into management practice. Boston,
MA: Harvard Business Publishing.

Trevino, L. K., Weaver, G. R., Gibson, D. G., &
Toffler, B. L. (1999). Managing ethics and legal compliance: What works
and what hurts. California Management Review, 41(2), 131-151.

Wicks, A. (2003). A note on ethical decision-making. Manuscript submitted for publication, School of Business, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.

After reading the articles assigned this week:

  • Briefly discuss with the class what dilemmas you chose to examine in week 3.
  • Continue with the examples you identified in your week one journal and examined in week three.
  • Identify a range of possible solution that could have been considered.
  • What criteria were used in making the decision?
  • Would you use different criteria now?
  • How would you evaluate the decision?