week 6 discn

Terrorism (graded)

Terrorist threats have become increasingly common. The government as well as all types of organizations in many industries are using programs for assessing these threats, providing countermeasures, and communicating with those affected.

What level of activity do you see in your organization or by your government representatives? How effective do you feel these actions are? What else should be done?


Domestic Threats (graded)

Other than terrorism, what types of threats do you think organizations face today from domestic sources?

week 7 discn

Contingency Planning (graded)

It is critical for organizations to be able to continue to operate. What are the tools an organization can use to assess their critical operations and plan to minimize disruptions of service during emergencies? What types of activities and events can contingency planning take into consideration?

The Future of Security (graded)

The text notes the future of security is positive. Do you agree or disagree, and why? What do you see as the trends for the future and their significance?