Week 3 discussions

Socially Responsible? (graded)

Will there ever be a single set of international rules governing multinational companies? In what way are United States businesses demanding socially responsible behavior from their international suppliers? Why is this important to discuss?

Is It a Matter of Ethics? (graded)

An acquaintance of yours in your class has just asked you if he or she could copy a paper you wrote for another instructor last semester. Chances seem good that last semester’s instructor and your current course instructor don’t talk with one another much. Given that, what are your alternatives? What are the consequences of each?

Would this situation have been easier to resolve if you had asked yourself the three ethical test questions listed in this week’s assigned chapter?

Week 4

Effects of Information Technology on Management (graded)

Evaluate and discuss the human resource, security, privacy, and stability issues affected by information technology. The increase of information technology has affected management greatly. The best guess is that it will probably continue to do so. Given that, discuss the issues from the perspective of change and change management. What is the impact of such issues on the management of information technology? Conversely, what is the effect of information technology on management? Why is this important to discuss? In what way does information technology and management impact what you do at your job on a day-to-day basis? Why do you think this is important to discuss?

Financial Order or Financial Martial Law (graded)

Read the Legal Briefcase: Financial Order or Financial Martial Law? article found on page 501 in Chapter 18 of the textbook.

Consider EFMs and how they are used. The article posits that EFMs might expand beyond Michigan to other states. Also, oversight boards have been given powers similar to those powers that EFMs hold.

Discuss the article as well as the impact EFMs have on cities, towns, and school districts. What are EFMs? Are EFMs the financial solution to distressed communities? To what extent do EFMs provide order and stability? How? How would you feel if an EFM was appointed to oversee and manage your local school district? Why? What would be your course of action? Why?