Standards, Variances, Flexible Budgets (graded)

To begin, please read Case 10B-5 on page 471, Ethics and the Manager. How were the standard costs developed? Are the standards set too high or too low? Please elaborate.

Research and Application (graded)

Let’s look at Case 9-26, Ethics and the Manager, in Chapter 9, page 414, and address and discuss the question there.

week 6

Segment Reporting and Relevant Costs (graded)

To begin, please read Case 12-32 on page 576. Which costs are relevant in the decision to shut down the Ashton facility? Then, let’s answer the questions at the end of the case. Also, value-added comments, points, and experiences are welcome and encouraged.

Research and Application (graded)

To begin, please read Problem 11-22 on page 505 of the e-book and let’s discuss the first question! Value-added comments, points, and experiences are also welcomed and encouraged.

week 7

Capital Budgeting (graded)

Welcome to Week 7 Discussions! Let’s begin by discussing the difference between capital budgeting screening decisions and capital budgeting preference decisions. Then, we will entertain additional questions relating to important capital budgeting terms, concepts, tools, methods, etc.

Value-added, comments, points, observations, and experiences are welcomed and encouraged.

Exam Review (graded)

To begin, download the Practice Final Exam from Doc Sharing to access questions and topics for review. For multiple-choice questions, please explain why the answer chosen is correct and why the other choices would not be correct. Please support your response. Let’s begin with the questions on page 1.