Before a project charter is prepared, the customer or client must clearly define the problem, opportunity, or need. The customer must quantify the issue or opportunity for you to understand the expected benefits of the solution and the costs associated with solution implementation.

What types of tools and techniques might you utilize to quantify the issues and benefits to the organization?What process steps might you utilize to validate your findings?How might you show this project information to the client or customer or their project selection board once you have compiled it?
A project charter is a planning and selling document—it is not a managerial or technical report. The project charter must convince the customer and his or her decision board that you understand how to manage a project and that you have the ability to provide the greatest value.
What must you include in the charter?Who must be involved in developing a charter?
What process might you recommend to the customer for developing a charter? Why might you use this process?
Why is project management important in any organization?Identify three challenges associated with project management. How might you address each of these challenges?