Organization and Presentation of Report (20Points Possible)

Spelling and Grammar

Organization and Format of Report

Appropriate Tabs for All Major Report Sections

Support Documentation __________

Missionand Vision Statements (10Points Possible) _________

Considered Current Mission& VisionStatementsof Company

How to Communicate Mission& VisiontoCurrentInsiders and Stakeholders

Environmental Analysis/Competitive Position(20 Points Possible _________

Identified major factors that will influencethecompany/industry over the next 1-5 years

Identified impact onstock performance and two strongest competitorsover the past18 months

Dealt with Current Performanceissues

Key financial trends for self andtwo strongest competitors during the past 18months

Assessment of Current Competitive Position

Targets for Strategic Improvement or Development(20 Points Possible)

Identified Specific Corporate Performance Areas that Should be Targeted

IdentifiedWhat NewProducts, Services, or Markets that Should be Targeted

Identified Rationale to Justify Strategic Targets __________

Projected Strategies (10Points Possible)

Dealt with Appropriate Short-Term (1-3 Years)Strategic Proposals/Plans

Dealt with Appropriate Long-Range(3-5 Years)Strategic Proposals/Plans __________

Implementation Plans (Objectives,Tactics&Timelines(55 Points Possible)

Identified Appropriate Timelines for Next 1-3 & 3-5 Years

Identified AppropriateObjectives/Tactics to ImplementPlans in the followingareas:



Procedures _________

Projected Costs of Strategic Implementation(40Points Possible) ________

Identified Specific Current Resources to be Impacted

Identified Additional New Resources that will be Required

Identified Cost of New Resources Required to Implement Proposed Strategies

Discussed the Impact on Functional Areas (If Appropriate)

Projected Quantitativeand/or Qualitative Outcomes (50Points Possible)

Projected Quantitative Outcomes of New Strategies

Projected Qualitative Outcomes of New Strategies

Prepared Pro Forma Statements for the Next 1-3 & 3-5 Years

Identified Impact on Corporate Functional Areas (If Appropriate) ________

Evaluation/How Progress will be Monitored (30 Points Possible) ________

Methods of Tracking Performance

Specific Targets of Accomplishment or Measurement

Specific Identification of Responsibility Person(s) or Areas

Corporate Impact/Outcomes if Strategies Fail (35Points Possible)

How the company was impacted if strategies failed.

How internal functional areas/resources were impacted.

Discussed the quantitative and qualitative outcomes of the failed strategies. _________

Appendix (10Points Possible)

Included Appropriate Appendix Sections to Support Written Report

Included Appropriate Tabs and Identification in Table of Contents __