Throughout this course, we have learned how culture is a powerful
tool that allows humans to adapt to their own unique environments. To
better understand cultural diversity, comparisons between cultures are
often used to explain the similarities and differences across societies.
To demonstrate your understanding of the adaptive nature of culture,
you will prepare a research paper that requires you to think about what
people are doing, why they are doing what they do, and how these
behaviors tie in with their environment.

In this paper, you will be comparing and contrasting one of the
following topics in two cultures (other than your own), providing an
analysis of the similarities and differences, and explaining why these
differences might exist.

In your Partial Rough Draft, you selected a topic from the following list:

  • Body art and ornamentation
  • Child rearing practices
  • Healthcare practices
  • The use of music or dance as a form of political protest, or as a reflection of cultural issues, values and beliefs
  • Educational practices
  • Elderly care
  • Body language and proxemics
  • Rites of passage
  • Conflict resolution
  • Marriage practices
  • Alternative gender roles
  • An alternate topic that was approved by the instructor