his assignment is based on the following case: Gordon Bethune at Continental Airlines, Harvard Business School Publishing Case 9-406-073.

This individual project is intended to give students an opportunity to analyze a complex organizational situation using concepts learned in this course. Students are expected to work on this project offline through the progression of the course. Its objective is to position you as a leader in an organization faced with a complex organizational challenge, and look to you to analyze this situation and develop an approach to address it. This will give you an opportunity to apply your knowledge of some of the concepts learned about organizational behavior and organizational management. Please prepare a written paper of length 4 pages. The paper should be well-structured, well-written, and of high quality. Please use font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing or double line spacing.

Here are four specific questions you are required to answer. All of these questions must be answered. Students must make an effort to develop perspectives and provide supporting analysis, and incorporate some OB (Organizational Behavior) concepts and frameworks in the analysis. Grading will be based on the quality of analysis and perspectives presented.

1. Characterize and discuss the complexity of the situation that Gordon Bethune faced when he joined Continental. What was the situation like? (5 points)
2. Discuss some of the steps that were effective in turning the company around. Specifically, what were some of the highlights of the “Go Forward Plan?” (5 points)
3. Discuss three personal leadership qualities demonstrated by Gordon Bethune in his efforts to turn the state of the company around. (5 points)
4. Discuss three lessons we can take away from this case regarding the significance of appreciating the role of OB in managing highly complex organizational settings such as the one presented in this case. (5 points)

The paper may be structured in any format; however, the answers to these four questions must be specifically and clearly presented. The paper should not exceed 4 pages. References to the case and other sources, if any, should be listed on a separate, additional page.