Prepare a Personal Leadership Development Plan (PLDP) for my Business Management Class.

Drawing on ALL of the data you have collected so far, prepare a Personal Leadership Development Plan (PLDP). The elements of your PLDP must include the following:

-Summary of your strengths and weaknesses as a managerial leader, and the basis for your assessment.

-Identification of your two weakest roles and associated competencies and why these two roles are the weakest ones for you.

-Options available to you for improving your skills over the next 180 days.

-Detailed plan of sustained improvement efforts on the two roles and their competencies over the next six months. Present your plan of what you will do within the next 30 days, 60 days, and 180 days.

-Detail steps on how you will evaluate your plan and adjust as needed.

-Summarize with an evaluation of your strengths.

I am currently a Financial Advisor. I am working towards becoming a Branch Manager.

My strengths are: Managing Time and Stress, Using participative decision making, Understanding self and others, managing information with critical thinking, developing employees, and setting goals and objectives.

My weaknesses are: Managing change, Designing and Organizing, Managing Conflict, Building teams, and developing and communicating a vision.