You would submit an exclusive 10 page minimum report paper (not including title page, references, and appendices) in Word on a series of three related topics that I pick about current events in finance.

You would do research on the related topics and cite your references. You would compare and contrast the topics with your unique views on the topics.

The paper would be APA format and would require cited facts to substantiate your written views or opinions.

You would demonstrate a solid understanding of the topics as evidenced by thoughtful writing that ties all three topics together.

You would offer a critical analysis of an existing idea or introduce a different interpretation to an existing idea.

Absolutely no errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar noted.

The paper would be due by April 30th.
The three topics that you will use for your extra credit paper are

1) Ben Shalom Bernanke

2) Quantitative Easing

3) Janet Louise Yellen

Be sure to explain what these three topics/people have in common, and in your unique view whether or not you think this is good or bad, with references to support your claims