Week 4 Paper: Ethics as a Component of Organizational Culture

A 3-5 page paper is due in Week 4. The paper will consist of 3-5 pages of content, a cover page and a reference page. The total page count with the cover page and the reference page should be 5-7 pages.

Your paper should include an introduction and conclusion that summarize the contents of the entire paper.

Your paper should be written in proper APA format. This link will take you to the section of the APUS library that can assist you with formatting:

Paper topic: Ethics as a component of organizational culture.

Readings: Read the documents located at the links below.

Read Chapters 7, 8 and 9 in the textbook.

Write: Discuss the ethical “rules” within the organization where you work. If you are unemployed, choose a previous place of employment for the purpose of discussion in this paper. Some questions to consider are: Does your organization have ethical rules? How are those ethical “rules” reflected in the culture of your organization? Are the ethical “rules” in conflict or in tune with your own personal ethical “rules?” Are the ethical “rules” reinforced by particular expectations or behaviors in reflected in your organizational culture?
These questions are given to help you formulate your understanding of the subject as it relates to your personal work situation. You are not required to answer all the questions in your paper.

References:A minimum of two references from the reading list are required for this assignment. You may use your textbook as a reference in addition to the two reading list references.

Links to Readings:

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